TINHIFI P1 MAX BIG Panda, A New Option of Planar IEMs.
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By TINHIFI | 12 April 2022 | 2 Comments

TINHIFI P1 MAX BIG Panda, A New Option of Planar IEMs.

The TINHIFI P1 MAX will be available on TINHIFI's website for $189.

Since TINHIFI released P1, the 10MM minimum planar IEMs in 2019, P1 and P2 have achieved great success. TINHIFI has enough experience in how to develop and adjust the flat panel drive, however, P1 MAX is easier to drive than P1 and P2, which need enough driving force. TINHIFI designs a unique acoustic structure for P1 MAX, outstanding sound quality and trendy and fashionable appearance, to provide users with both visual and auditory extreme experiences. To make quality music available to all.

P1 MAX uses 14.2MM planar drive unit, uses a diaphragm of only 2μm thickness, and adopts a double-sided array N52 magnet to generate huge magnetic flux. The "lightweight aluminum diaphragm" reduces the weight of the diaphragm. This combination produces excellent dynamic fast response over a wide frequency range with precise junction positioning and provides excellent audio detail and clarity, suitable for pop vocals, chamber strings and many other music types.


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