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Tips for Using IEMs

Earphone's Safety Reminders:
1It is recommended to use earphones for no more than 1 hour each time and no more than 3 hours a day. The volume greater than 80 decibels is easy to cause neural deafness.
2. Please clean the silicon sleeve with alcohol cleaning cloth before using
3. When in use of earphones, please moderate the appropriate volume used so as not to damage your hearing.
4. Avoid pulling and stretching the stock cable with a force so as not to break it.
5. Avoid places of high temperature and humidity when in use of earphones to avoid damage to the headset and extend its use cycle.
6. When driving a car, riding a bicycle or walking on the road, stop the use earphones to avoid traffic accidents and injuries.
7. Store the carphones in a safe place, away from the reach of children.


Earphone Guidelines:
Since earphones are closer to the inner ear tissue than the general external noise, the user must take the necessary protective measures. Studies have shown that listening to pleasant music at moderate volume over a shorter duration causes less damage, but long-term exposure to high decibel sound, whether it is music or noise, will cause hearing damage. Noise can cause hearing loss from the sensory nerve in the inner ear, when high energy acoustic shock in the cochlear fluid occurs, this causes excessive cell stimulation and eventually cell death. Hearing damage can take form from just days but will also take months multiplying if long-term exposure to noise is used all the time. Use earphones moderately and don't crank the volume up too much.

Earphone Burn-ln Process:
It's not actually difficult, but it takes time. First, you need to subject the earphones to long-duration audio playback. Second, the source must have a wide frequency range, the dynamic effects of clear, low and high pitch components of music have better burn-in effects. Another point is that the audio output power must be powerful enough, in general, suitable music players and the like is enough to drive and undergo bum-in effect for low impedance earphones. Overall, subjecting the earphones to actual music use will allow the moving parts inside to adapt to their optimum performance.

Earphone check:
Check whether the headset is broken or not.
The earphones are designed for use in multiple music sources and media devices, make sure that it outputs sound from your music player, mobile phone, computers, walkman and radio.
Some earphones may have MIC controls, make sure, that the MIC is functional and check if all buttons work.
In case of earphones does not output sound, check with another device to identify if the issue is with the source or the earphone. Make sure to properly attach and plug the earphones and avoid using the earphones without checking the source volume first.

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